What game will you ring in the New Year with?

Or do you prefer to watch balls drop?

New Year’s Eve was always my favorite holiday growing up. Not only were there yummy snacks galore at whatever party my parents dragged me to each year, but the adults were normally so preoccupied with drinking and pretending to enjoy each other’s company that they didn’t care what us kids were up to… which meant we could stay up playing videogames ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Battletoads, Bubble Bobble, Ikari Warriors; a lot of the games my brothers and I ended up mastering as kids were owed to late night gaming sessions on December 31st.

As I grew into adulthood, I tried the whole party thing, but watching New York City enter puberty every goddamn year while you stand awkwardly in a crowded kitchen just trying to get to the goddamn cocktail wieners kinda loses its appeal after a while. So instead, this year I will trick my kids into thinking midnight is about 9 o’clock, pour myself a whiskey, and boot up Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare (my most recent obsession). And I couldn’t be more excited.

What about you? Skipping the whole party scene this year in favor of playing a good game? Tell us which one! Who knows, maybe you multiplayer-minded folks might even find a good buddy to play with here in the comments.

No matter what you end up doing, we at Destructoid hope you have a safe and happy New Year!

M Randy