What every amiibo looks like with a party hat

This is cute as all get-out

One year ago to the day, Nintendo unveiled amiibo at its E3 press conference. Since then, the tale of these little plastic figurines has been well-documented. Many of them are low in supply, they’re stressful to find, and every subsequent wave just seems to be getting worse and worse. The hype train’s a-rollin’ full steam ahead, and we have no idea when it’ll finally derail.

It’s also the one-year anniversary of the amiibo subreddit, and the board’s celebrating in style. The more than 30,000 subscribers are treated to party hats on all 59 amiibo that have been released or are announced. All of them look absolutely adorable, especially Toon Link who looks extra cute because he was the most delightful to being with.

That isn’t the extent of the festivities, though. Everyone’s flair has been changed to a likeness of Esteban — the wooden rooster that Amazon taunted amiibo collectors with after a rumored pre-order date didn’t pan out. Also, downvotes have been disabled, because this is an occasion of positivity. Last (but not least), there are giveaways planned throughout the entirety of the day.

Go ahead and pop that bubbly, amiigos. You deserve it. You’ve been through a lot, especially during the past six months. And hey, it beats drowning your sorrows like you’re used to.

Celebrating r/amiibo’s 1st Anniversary! [reddit]

Brett Makedonski
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