What does your console say about your taste in anime?

Crunchyroll has the data

With a new year comes the opportunity to open up a new front in the console war, and now it’s taking place on the battlefield of people’s tastes in anime. Crunchyroll has released a series of infographics breaking down the popularity of its recent offerings based on which console owners were watching via the various platforms’ Crunchyroll streaming app. 

The infographics measure how much more popular a show is compared to the median across the other consoles. For example, the one-off special Persona 5: The Day Breakers got 31% more views among PS4 users than on the other consoles, and the magical girl parody show Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! is 162% more popular on Wii U than the average, and 68% more popular among PS3 viewers.

Other interesting trends and tidbits include popularity spikes for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure on the Wii U, the more niche preferences of PS Vita owners, Xbox 360 and XBone owners’ love of battle shows, and PS4 users’ recognition of the gloriousness that is wuxia puppet epic Thunderbolt Fantasy.

Check out the infographics in the gallery, see a list of the most disproportionately popular anime on each platform below, and see the most popular Crunchyroll-served by country over here. Which console has the best taste?

Crunchyroll reveals 2016’s most popular anime by console [IGN via NeoGAF]

  • Xbox One – Dragon Ball Super
  • PlayStation 4 – Persona 5 the Animation – The Day Breakers
  • Wii U – Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!
  • PS Vita – Brave Beats
  • PlayStation 3 – Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!
  • Xbox 360 – Fairy Tail
  • Wii – Dream Festival!


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