What does time even mean anyway in Nova-111?

Find out for yourself very soon

Funktronic Labs’ Nova-111 was the highlight of my BitSummit in 2014. It blends turn-based movement with real-time elements to make an action puzzler of sorts. All of this is to rescue 111 scientists. Just trust us — it’s tough to explain how good it feels, but you instantly know when the controller’s in your hands.

Today, we have a new trailer to ogle, but things really heat up next week. Nova-111 releases on PC and all PlayStation formats on August 25, and Xbox One on August 28. The Wii U version is set to follow sometime in September. It’s priced at $14.99 everywhere, but there are launch discounts on all platforms.

Don’t tell anyone, but we’re already playing Nova-111. Darren’s reviewing it, but he can’t yet say how it is. That’s coming soon. Just admire that we had the foresight to put the scientist in charge of saving the scientists.

Brett Makedonski
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