What do you want to know about Street Fighter V?

How does Ryu type with those things?

Hey, how do you feel about fighting in the streets? Well, if the mere concept of pavement brawling is enough to get your boxing gloves in a knot (?), this is the website for you. My fellow Destructoid contributor Alessandro Fillari is heading over to Capcom tomorrow to get a look at Street Fighter V, and we’re looking for some additional questions from the community.

Right now, we’re going to ask about some of the deeper mechanics, as well as the potential for a more involved story mode. But there’s still room for more! Are there any returning characters the Destructoid community is clamoring to see? How do you feel about wavedashing? Is that even a Street Fighter thing?

We’ll pick the most fitting comments and run them by fighting game expert Peter “Combofiend” Rosas. You have until Alessandro leaves his room tomorrow morning. Get to it!

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