What do you think of raiding in Destiny?

Do you want matchmaking still? Is it fun?

If you follow Destiny but don’t play it, you’ve probably heard this line a lot: “the raids are the best part.” But that’s basically all you hear, and then you move on because of all the other negative word of mouth. So I wanted to ask the readers that do play Destiny, do you like the raid aspect of the game? If so, what’s your favorite part?

Personally, I’m into the idea of an “hour or less” raid commitment. It’s something that can challenge me as a gamer, but not necessarily take hours upon hours to make progression with like a true MMO. With the two raids included so far in Destiny, you can jump in with five other players and feel like you’re getting somewhere. As someone who has spent eight hours in a night raiding in WoW more than a few times on the same exact boss, the traditional process can get tiring.

Beyond that concept, Destiny‘s raids are very well designed. Yes, there’s no matchmaking feature yet, which sucks for people who aren’t go-getters and don’t make their own groups on third-party sites, but the actual encounters are leaps and bounds better than the core game offers. Bosses aren’t just bullet sponges, they are chess pieces to be conquered, and devising the best strategy week after week is something that’s possible.

I think gearing up is worth the time just to experience these places once. My Warlock and Titan are currently 31, so I can play it twice per week with friends, and my Hunter is slowly catching up at level 29. I’m planning on raiding three times a week just because it takes so little time to do it with the right people. While there are plenty of faults with Destiny, the raids are indeed “the best part.”

But what do you think? 

Chris Carter
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