What did you think of Batman: Arkham Knight’s Season Pass?


Batman: Arkham Knight‘s Season Pass just kept getting worse and worse. Outside of the okay Batgirl DLC, there was a series of useless costumes, Batmobile skins, and really, really bad mission packs (Harley Quinn, Red Hood, Robin and Catwoman).

Sure there’s still a challenge pack that’s coming in January, but for all intents and purposes, the pass is done today with Season of Infamy, the last real DLC. If big bags of money have anything to say about it WB isn’t done with this franchise just yet, and I assume that if its next big superhero series doesn’t do well, it can always go back to good ol’ Bruce.

But enough talk about how disappointing the newest Arkham iteration was — what did you think of the $40 Season Pass?

Chris Carter
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