What did you get for Christmas 2018, Destructoid?

We got another Switch

As I’ve said many times, Christmas was always synonymous with video games in my family. Sure I was mostly the only one that played them, and even though we didn’t have a ton of money, my mom was a keen shopper. Whether it Toxic Crusaders, an older Mega Man game, or a Greatest Hits title I was always happy to try out some weird new treasure.

I’m able to relive those moments of joy with my wife and eventually (maybe!) my daughter.

This is a particularly banner year. A family member had heard that we liked the Switch and got us another one (which is essentially for my wife). After asking if it was okay, I spent the better part of a day updating it, linking it to Nintendo Online and filling it up with games so that we can enjoy them together when the baby is asleep without having to go through the day one modern console growing pains.

Another ace is pair of gifts (a Mario and Zelda set) is from my mother-in-law, who found out that I was really getting into 8-bit bead art. Under the tutelage of our own Chris Moyse (who is a bonafide bead master) I crafted my first piece last month (Maleficent) and moved into making bead art gifts for friends for Christmas.

Now it’s another hobby my wife and I can enjoy together. A friend of ours also somehow got me a Dark Souls book I didn’t have yet and I picked up Splatoon 2 and a Switch d-pad controller for my wife. Oh and it’s sorta (tabletop) gaming related, but my wife got  me a liminating machine so I could preserve all the custom cheat sheet rule cards I make for people who haven’t played something before (like Terra Mystica).

Yep, another winner! What did you get?

Chris Carter
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