What are your weirdest discoveries in No Man’s Sky?

Let a cat-bearded man interpret your world

Have you heard of Occamsdex? It’s a little feature the Dtoid community team has been doing of late where we basically tie down fellow community manager Occams and get him to interpret the origins and behaviors of Pokémon, monsters, and other strange, screwed-up creatures one might find in a game’s bestiary. His replies are one of a kind.

With the release of No Man’s Sky, it occurred to us that we could expand the feature to include planets, creatures, plants, and land masses discovered by players in that game. Usually, we just throw this feature together in a group email, but with so many NMS players already out there and loads of strange, procedurally-generated possibilities, we thought it best to put out a call for Dtoid community submissions this time.

If you want in, simply leave the name of a world you have discovered, along with an image or two of the strangest things you have found there and what you decided to name them in the comments below.

We’ll grab ten or twelve of the most interesting submissions, feed them to Occams, then post the results later in the week.

Until then, happy exploring!

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