What are your favorite Hoenn/Generation III Pokemon?

It might be the Gen I get the least excited over

Hoenn generally gets a lot of shade thrown it’s way by fans, but there’s a dedicated fan base for every Pokemon generation that’s probably seething at this statement, so go figure.

Everyone has a favorite set of games (mine is still Silver/Gold), but Hoenn never really grabbed me as much as the others. Even Pearl/Diamond, as rote as they were at times, still had captivating enough Pokemon to keep me going. I figured this was a perfect time to discuss this, as millions of people across the world are about to be introduced to the Hoenn region for the first time through Pokemon Go. It’s not officially announced yet, but the timeline fits for a new generation, and tons of new Pokemon were found hidden in a recent update.

It was amazing seeing tons of folks who had never touched Pokemon before utterly confused when witnessing the designs for Generation II, and III is probably going to elicit the same reactions. As for me, I’m kind of partial to Rayquaza, as well as Milotic (the ugly duckling motif was great and unexpected at the time), and I dig Sableye’s creepy vibe. I wouldn’t go to bat for much more, but I want to hear your thoughts!

Maybe Hoenn is secretly the most beloved generation at Destructoid.

Chris Carter
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