What are the biggest questions you want to see answered at E3?

You’ve got questions, we’ll pretend we have answers

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With E3 right around the corner (shoot, I should do laundry), we’re almost at the passing of the torch of video game seasons. The pre-E3 speculation/rumors/predictions season is about to give way to finding out what’s going to actually happen. I kind of like the former more, to be honest.

So, before we find out, what are the burning questions on your mind? Wanna know what each of the Big Three have to do in order to have a successful E3? Wondering which major franchise is most likely to make a surprise comeback?

We’re recording our pre-E3 episode of Podtoid today and your inquiries are going to get us through the show. They have to because there sure as hell isn’t any other interesting video game stuff happening. Leave us your questions and hypotheticals and ramblings in the comments. We’ll do our best to answer them while feigning expertise and insider knowledge. But really, we’re all just spitballin’ here.

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