What? A Wii game you’ll wanna play?

On the 22nd of this month, the lucky Japanese get their hands on Fire Emblem: Goddess of Dawn for the Wii, which is par for the course as Nintendo has been giving Japanese gamers all the love lately.

If you weren’t jealous enough by now, this commercial for Goddess of Dawn airing on Japanese television will bring you to new levels. Take this link on Nintendo Japan’s Wii Web site and click the video on the right side. The video shows the delicious gameplay that won’t be seen domestically for awhile as no release date has been given. Check out the other video also to see the game’s opening movie.

My Nintendo Wii sits lonely on its shelf, blue light slowly pulsing, as if it’s asking for attention and love — but it’s going to have to wait until we get some tactical RPG action that looks like this. Be sure to browse around the Japanese webpage for Fire Emblem: Goddess of Dawn and lament about what you’re missing.


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