What a shocker, those free Fallout 4 season passes have been revoked

Nothing’s for free in the Commonwealth, bub

Were you one of the lucky people who managed to nab the Fallout 4 season pass while it was free on the UK PlayStation Store? Maybe you were gearing up to settle down with the brand new Automaton DLC?

Sorry, you don’t have it anymore.

According to Eurogamer, players are reporting that the season pass has been revoked and removed from their libraries. If you want to download any of the new DLC, you’ll either have to either buy the season pass or or the DLC individually. You do get to keep the exclusive Fallout 4 PS4 theme, at least for the moment. So that’s nice.

I generally tend to believe that companies should honour any pricing errors they make because it’s not the customer’s job to keep track of how much things cost outside of the purchase window, especially in the digital gaming space where freebies and huge discounts are so common. Sony and/or Bethesda backing out of this is a huge shame, so hopefully the season pass will go on sale soon for those who thought they already had it.

Fallout 4 Season Pass currently free on UK PlayStation Store [Eurogamer]

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