WHAT 9000?! DBZ: Burst Limit butchers the greatest meme in history

I’m one of those purists. When the original voice actors for Dragon Ball Z got replaced with a new set of voice actors halfway through the Freeza saga, I was pissed. The original voices were perfect, especially Piccolo’s and Vegeta’s. Eventually, I got used to them, but I would never forget the original cast.

Here we are today, with the latest Dragon Ball Z game, where they’ve gone and recreated scenes from the series. One of the most pivotal scenes in Internet meme history was recreated in Burst Limit, and well, it just doesn’t work out. Take a look for yourself.

This just makes you wonder: Had these people been the original voice actors, would Kajetokun been the Internet superstar that he is today?

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[Via Rage Quit’s C Blog

Hamza Aziz