Wha’ Happened: The Network Roundup (3/6/12)

You know what’s awesome about doing these daily recaps for the MM network? I get to use a random image for the header like all the cool kids do. So here it goes. RANDOM HEADER IS GO!

That was a bit less exciting than I thought it was going to be. Maybe I just need practice. Well there’s always tomorrow. For now check out what’s been going on around the network. There’s plenty of great stuff for you to click on below so get to it and enjoy.


Animal House coming to Broadway and Barenaked Ladies is doing the music. Some things are just made of pure win.
New Releases for the week on DVD and Blu-ray. Gotta go out and get Holy Grail again. That’s a movie you can own multiple copies of.
Flixcusive Interview: Sound of Noise directors.


Oswald and Bud T customs. Thanks to Epic Mickey I know who both these characters are.
Review: Bandai’s D-Arts Izanagi. Some really badass Persona action.


Superhero Time. Kamen Riders and Tokumei Sentai G0-Busters being all awesome. Seriously, these shows look awesome.
Tokyo Jungle is nearly done. You can play as a Pomeranian and wander around Tokyo. What more do you want!?

Matthew Razak