We’ve hit peak Square: Final Fantasy VII Monopoly announced

Is nothing sacred

Square’s marketing machine knows no bounds. If it’s Final Fantasy related they’ll try to brand something with it, as evidenced by the cavalcade of XV tie-ins, which is now approaching overload levels.

Since Final Fantasy VII is in again (remember, the remake is coming?) they’ve also decided to double down on what might be their most successful property ever, with a Monopoly game. Yes, this is official — and it has Sephiroth on the cover. No details on the pieces have been announced (I hope dressed-up Cloud is an option), though it does have an April 11, 2017 release date and a price of $49.99. Merchoid will be the first online retailer to sell it.

As Barret would say: “[email protected]!^*.”

Final Fantasy VII Monopoly [Merchoid]

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