We’ve got limited edition Angels of Death swag, and we want to give it away to you

Five of you, to be precise

[Update: We’re bumping this before Mike closes the contest this weekend. Get your comments in stat! Stat means now!]

Angels of Death released on Steam late last year. It’s an anime-styled psycho horror RPG, and you can probably tell from that description that it is very Japanese. It is! Congratulations, you have passed the first part of the test.

The second part will yield far fewer winners. You’ll need wit and savvy. You’ll need honesty and luck. Most importantly, you’ll need a Disqus account.

To commemorate Angels of Death‘s English localization and Steam release, we have teamed up with Playism to host a giveaway. We’ve gotten a hold of five Angels of Death limited edition acrylic phone charms. Some of you are going to get them.

There are a few cool things happening with these phone charms. First, they were only sold in Japan and now they’re no longer for sale. Second, each box’s contents are a mystery and we don’t want to ruin the surprise. Playism intentionally left each box sealed so no one actually knows what each winner will get.

But, if you want a general idea, check out the gallery below. That’s what we’re working with. To get in on this, leave a comment telling us what your first anime was. No lying. If you lie, the internet police will show up at your house and smash your favorite lamp.

I’m thinking we’ll leave this contest open for a week. For logistical reasons, we’re only keeping this open to people in the US. Sorry, Guatemala bros. After a week, Mike will pick winners. But bribe me and not him. Mike doesn’t deserve nice things. Nice things like these Angels of Death phone charms.

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