WET’s Rubi isn’t big on forgiveness, but big on revenge

I’m not expecting anything more out of A2M’s action shooter/slasher WET than a schlocky, over-the-top good time. The commercial spot for the game, which hits stores tomorrow, lives up to that potential.

The stylized Grindhouse look and feel, complete with grainy film effects pretty much set the tone for what I think A2M is trying to deliver — the videogame equivalent of the b-movies I used to rent in high school, based on their oversized boxes and the various “banned in (insert country here)” claims. Cinematic masterpieces these films were not, but a damned good time on a lazy Sunday afternoon with some friends looking to have a laugh and some good times.

“There’s a word for people who cross her,” the spot’s dramatic announcer says, referring to the game’s protagonist, before a long pause, “dead.”


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