Western Switch Online gets Pokemon Puzzle League, Japan gets two Custom Robo games

Pokemon Puzzle League Switch

Another argument for having multiple region accounts

A Pokemon Puzzle League Switch release is arriving on July 15, via the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack service. Notably, this comes eight years after the Game Boy Color-based Pokemon Puzzle Challenge was re-released on 3DS.

It’s our irregularly scheduled Nintendo 64 booster, and as usual, Japan is getting something a little different.

Here is what the US is getting (Pokemon Puzzle League)

Alternatively, here is what Japan is getting (Custom Robo, and Custom Robot V2):

As a recap, Pokemon Puzzle League was released in the US in 2000, as part of the Puzzle League, or, Panel de Pon series. It was basically a “branded version” of Panel de Pon, a franchise that came over as Tetris Attack and was immortalized ever since. Although a lot of people are going to write off “a puzzle game coming to Switch Online,” if you haven’t played it, give it a shot! Panel de Pon is a classic for a reason, and Pokemon Puzzle League does a great job of getting the core gameplay tenets of the series across.

That said, it would be fantastic to get Custom Robo as well, even if it was in untranslated form. This is where having multiple region accounts comes in handy, as I can just swap over to my Japanese login and play them if I want!

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