We’re not sure why, but Andy Dick is coming to PSN title PAIN

First we had Knight Rider and Baywatch international superstar David Hasselhoff as a “playable” character in the PlayStation Network title, PAIN. Now comes… Andy Dick? 

“I’m feeling great,” the comedian/actor writes on his blog. “Just got done recording my voice for the Sony PlayStation online game, PAIN. They made an avatar of me and my Daphne Aguilera character. Basically, I screamed for two hours.”

He adds that if “you ever had the urge to beat [his] scrawny, lily-white ass, now you can, literally… virtually.” I have nothing against Andy Dick, and no real desire to beat his “scrawy, lily-white ass,” but… Andy Dick? Really, Sony? Is there a “how many random celebrities we can get into our games” contest going on that we don’t know about? Congratulations, you’re winning.

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