We’re going to need a bigger boat for Naughty Bear

I must admit that despite my coworkers fervent efforts to show off Naughty Bear to me and the rest of the world I have been remiss in giving the game any of my attention. This stops hear and now with the above trailer. Bears in JAWS! How can this go wrong?

To tell the truth, I was only partly impressed by the JAWS parody for the upcoming game, as on the whole it was decent, but not great. However, coupling it up with a Friday the 13th reference — and a semi-obscure one at that — has me sold that the guys behind the game know their cultural references. I’m not even entirely sure what Naughty Teddy has in store for us, but I’m getting such a Conker’s Bad Fur Day vibe from it now that I’m all for whatever it is.

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