We’re giving out more Firefall beta codes!

Grab your code now and be ready for this weekend’s beta!

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[Update: Codes expired! Thanks for playing!]

Our buddies at Red 5 Studios have given the Dtoid community another 2,000 keys to participate in this weekend’s Firefall beta event! To claim your code, just head on over to our Beta Giveaways page and press the button. Easy!

Once you’ve secured your key from Destructoid, just follow the steps below and you’re good to go once the beta unlocks on Friday morning:

  1. Go to https://www.firefallthegame.com/betaweekends/
  2. Click “I already have my redemption code”
  3. Create an account or login if one has already been created
  4. Redeem the beta weekend key
  5. Download/install the client
  6. Be ready to play this Friday, December 7 at 10 AM Pacific! GO PLAY!

They’ve also opened up some new EU servers for this weekend, so be sure to give them a go if you’re in the region. Have fun, and be sure to sound off in the comments if you want to play with other Dtoiders!

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