We’re doing our GotY awards differently this year

No one else is the same

The days when games were tailor made to suit the tastes of a small subset of society are over. You can no longer look at a game and know on sight who it was made for and what hardware it’s running on. There are more reasons to play games than ever before, and as such, there are more people playing them than ever as well. 

That’s part of why we’re changing the format of our Game of the Year awards. We’ll still have the traditional “Game we loved the most” award to cap things off, but before that, we’re planning to roll out four categories that look more closely at the distinctly different reasons we might play a videogame in 2014. Those categories are: Excellence in Mechanics, Excellence in World Design, Excellence in Narrative, and Excellence in Multiplayer

Each award will have 12 nominees. For a variety of reasons, these nominees were not selected solely by the popular vote of Destructoid staff. That said, the staff has been encouraged to write in their own favorites and work to usurp the established nominees as they see fit. Just like real life Democracy! So just because you don’t see one of your favorite games nominated, that doesn’t mean we didn’t love it. More so, it may even sneak up like a spooky P.T. ghost and win the award out of nowhere. 

Surprises! Subjective opinions! The love of videogames! This is what we hope to provide for you with Destructoid’s Game of the Year awards 2014. The nominees start next week, and the awards will follow the week after. It’ll be fun to see how it all shakes out.  

Jonathan Holmes
"Where do dreams end and reality begin? Videogames, I suppose."- Gainax, FLCL Vol. 1 "The beach, the trees, even the clouds in the sky... everything is build from little tiny pieces of stuff. Just like in a Gameboy game... a nice tight little world... and all its inhabitants... made out of little building blocks... Why can't these little pixels be the building blocks for love..? For loss... for understanding"- James Kochalka, Reinventing Everything part 1 "I wonder if James Kolchalka has played Mother 3 yet?" Jonathan Holmes