‘We’re committed to protecting Destiny against cheaters,’ says Bungie

Crucible access been restricted for offenders

Bungie is cracking down on Destiny cheats.

“We’re committed to protecting Destiny against cheaters,” writes community manager, DeeJ, in this week’s update. “We know you want justice. We’ve seen the chatter. We’ve read the reports. Yesterday and today, our Security Response Team has restricted access to the Crucible by the worst offenders among us all.

It’s not a thing we enjoy doing – and certainly something we’ll never quantify or describe in agonizing detail. The damned shall remain anonymous – their nefarious actions a mystery.

The developer started by examining the most “notorious” cheaters reported, cross-referencing performance data with their own. When shenanigans were suspected, Bungie “gave the Banhammer a mighty swing” against the “hundreds of people” that the developer suspected of manipulating network traffic (if you don’t know what that is, please know that Bungie “loves you”).

“Cheating will not be tolerated, Guardians,” concluded DeeJ. “The Destiny Community is a part of this process. Your finest weapons in the fight against cheaters are the reporting tools built right into the game. Submit a report when and where you detect shenanigans. Shaming your offenders in a video might feel good, but it doesn’t factor into our process for passing down a guilty verdict – and it might get you in trouble with the moderators of your favorite Guardian clubhouse! Issue a report. We’re watching and monitoring.

“Enjoy your game. Just play it fair. That’s all we ask.”

I hope karma has kicked the ass of that outrageously invincible Warlock I faced in the Crucible last week.

Vikki Blake