We’re bringing back two old school Destructoid shirts

Both are by a talented Dtoid community member!

Today, we’re proudly reintroducing two old school Destructoid shirt designs to our merch store – both of which were designed by Meanderbot; a highly talented member of our own community. 

The first shirt is a reference to an old Dtoid podcast where there was an oft-repeated plea: “Be Better People.” In his blog post promoting the shirt, Meanderbot implies that he felt inspired by this message. When you pick up a Destructoid shirt, most proceeds go towards the artists, so show them some love!

The second of these shirts? Well, its inspirations are apparent from just a single glance, featuring Mr. Destructoid as the mascot for a specific Japan-exclusive attachment to a certain popular line of retro game consoles.

As with all other designs on our store, you can get them printed on mugs, phone cases, wall tapestries, and all sorts of other Destructoid collectibles.

We’ll be continuing to add more designs to our merch store over the next few weeks and months. Some of which are returning designs, others are entirely new. You may even see more stuff by some familiar faces from within our site’s community, so keep your eyes out for those!

On a related note, there’s still a little bit of time left to put your name down to be featured on the upcoming Destructoid community ASCII shirt. Feel free to head on over to our forums to find out how.

Lilian C