We’re breaking down the latest Nintendo Direct on Destructoid’s new show Impulse

Tom Nook saved my life

We have a new show! Impulse! It’s about topics and news in video games! Wow! Join me and Destructoid’s Associate Editor Peter Glagowski every week as we discuss new, hot subjects in the gaming industry as they happen. Our reactions and statements will be off the cuff and brimming with insight from two decrepit dinosaurs that just can’t let things go.

For this first episode, we both discuss our highlights from this week’s Nintendo Direct as well as the low points of the presentation. For once, we don’t hate everything in this world! The magic of Nintendo warms the heart of even the coldest bastards.

Dan Roemer
Contributor / Video Editor - Local video person. I've been enjoying and dabbling in Destructoid since 2014, became staff in 2017, co-hosted Podtoid, and my spirit animal is that of wild garbage. Disclosure: I backed Shenmue 3 on Kickstarter and I'm a current Patreon supporter of Nextlander, NoClip, and Mega64.