Welp, someone maxed out their trainer level in Pokemon Go

No Master Ball in sight

After earning a ridiculous 20 million experience points in Pokémon Go, reddit user _problemz has done it — they’ve hit the current trainer level cap of 40. Even with assistance from bots, that’s wild.

(Looking to give away that Dragonite to a good home? No? Okay.)

It’s worth noting that this feat wasn’t done for fun, exactly — “I don’t play this game [for enjoyment],” claims _problemz. Nor was it a way to get super powerful and unfairly dominate the Gym circuit. “I just wanted to see how far I can push with the given tools. And I learned so much out of this.”

After data-miners recently discovered a file for the secretive Master Ball within Pokémon Go and learned that the level cap was, in fact, set at 40, some players speculated that hitting it might be one way to earn the coveted item. That’s not the case. The reward for reaching level 40 is rather mundane: just a bunch of Ultra Balls, potions, berries, lures, and other assorted single-use items.

What’s next for this maxed-out account? Nothing, actually! The owner is deleting it.

I just hit Level 40 – World first! 😉 [reddit via The Verge]

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