Welp, Dead Orbit won Destiny 2’s first Faction Rally

Our reward is a scout rifle that costs 1,000 glimmer

Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, or New Monarchy — who’d you pick?

I didn’t have strong feelings about any of Destiny 2‘s factions, so I went with Dead Orbit on a whim. It just felt right at the time. Also, crucially, Arach Jalaal was just too goofy to turn down. And now we’ve apparently done it! We turned in enough tokens to secure the win for our gloomy crew. Go us!

If you’re a member, you’ll be able to buy the Dead Orbit scout rifle Haunted Earth for 1,000 glimmer.

For everyone else who sided with either Future War Cult or New Monarchy, you’re looking at a 50,000 bill for the weapon. Not that it’s even a big deal — glimmer is pretty dang easy to come by in Destiny 2.

If you want Haunted Earth, just make sure to nab it before next Tuesday, October 10.

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