Hogwarts Legacy Well, Well, Well quest map solution guide

Well, well, well: look who needed help on this quest

Sometimes, Hogwarts Legacy will throw a quest at you that can be completed in minutes (or sparingly, a single minute). While this quest isn’t quite that simple, once you know the solution, you can get it done quickly. Here’s how to finish the Well Well Well quest.

Where to find the Well Well Well quest east of Hogwarts

You’ll find the Well Well Well quest east of Hogwarts, slightly beyond the town of Aranshire. We have a map above for the exact location.

Fly/walk up the hill a bit and you’ll come across an inconspicuous magical well. A voice will ask you to take a map out of the water, which will lead you to a treasure in the far south of the map. Note that this is the last time you will interact with this well: you do not need to return here.

After you have the map, head southwest of Irondale

The solution (and the marked location on the map) lies southwest of Irondale: one of the southernmost settlements on the Hogwarts Legacy world map.

Head southwest from the town, hugging the mountainside, until you come across the ruins of a keep (it’s next to an ancient magic spot, which will show up on your map). Look for the tree in the gallery above, and cast Levioso on it. The tree will pop up out of the ground, and a treasure chest will be attached to the root. Open the chest and the quest will immediately end.

You’ll get the Treasure-Seeker’s Bicorne Hat as a reward from the chest.

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