Welcome to CES 1979, why not try a caaassette

The past was a funny place to be. Take 1979. Back then there were no videogames readily available and a video cassette of The Sound of Music cost $74. Back then vinyl was an option for watching movies and in order to use a portable camera you had to train for two weeks in order to lift it. How do I know this? Because ABC was kind enough to dig into its vaults and show off its news story on CES 1979 (click there to watch as embedding ain’t working). It’s a scary place that probably wouldn’t even be livened up by this man.

While not technically videogame related, one does have to wonder why we still can’t draw on our television screens despite the technology being readily available at CES 31 years ago. Of course if the trade-off for having televisions we can draw on is that the most exciting thing on satellite TV is news from Chicago then I think we made a fair trade. Still, with all the changes we’ve seen some things will never change: porno still costs more. Except for the free stuff on the internet, that is.

Look at Sony’s color scheme! What in God’s name were they thinking?

Matthew Razak