(Update) Weird West: Definitive Edition also headed to Switch

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This town ain’t crisp enough for the both of us

[Update: Devolver Digital has announced that a Nintendo Switch port fo Weird West: Definitive Edition is in the works. A release date was not announced.]

Devolver Digital has announced that its fantasy gunslingin’ adventure Weird West is to receive a “Definitive Edition” release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X platforms next week, bringing Wolfeye Studios’ strange frontier of cowboys and monsters to the ninth generation of gaming.

Released in the spring of 2022, Weird West is an anthology title that tells the story of five distinct characters, each forced to face a bizarre and twisted version of America’s formative period. Utilizing a top-down perspective and with a heavy emphasis on exploration, combat, and environmental interaction, Weird West was praised for its pulpy writing, creepy character design, and interesting world, though some of its action and technical elements gave critics pause.

Weird West: Definitive Edition will see the game launch on modern platforms, boasting new 4K resolution options and running at 60 FPS. Hopefully, with these visual upgrades and the power of Gen 9, some of the game’s stiffer creases will be ironed out. Here’s hoping, as Weird West is certainly charming in its own peculiar way, and any fans of alternate realities, old-school horror comics, or twin-stick action would do well to test the murky waters of Wolfeye’s adventure.

Weird West: Definitive Edition launches May 8 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X. It is already available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in its standard form. Devolver has not yet confirmed a free upgrade option.

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