Weighted Companion PC case? Why yes, someone did think of that

I could regale you with list after list of the Portal themed fan creations that have come out since the release of The Orange Box, but it hardly seems necessary as surely you’ve already seen everything from plush cubes to aluminum replicas. Why I don’t have a pair of panties on right now with the Cube embroidered over my crotch is beyond me (as I type this someone is reading it and knitting a pair to sell on Etsy. Mark my words!)

What you see above is a PC case mod built by one Mr. Magnus Persson, who described himself as “wandering around bored stiff in my apartment” right before he built this. Apparently boredom is directly connected to innovation, if the result is any indicator. You see the step by step process of the Cube’s construction at Mr. Persson’s website, should you want to try your hand at making your own.

Also, to Nick Chester, the editor who once swore we would never post another custom Portal craft: Please don’t beat me.

[Via Engadget — Thanks, Christian] 

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