Weesa going to Naboo in Star Wars Battlefront II

‘Wesa got a grand army. That’s why you no liking us meesa thinks’

Because Star Wars is so big, bigger than it’s ever been, there is now a Star Wars thing for just about every social media account and form of media.

This includes the “Star Wars Show,” which deals with basically all things Jedi and Sith, and will no doubt be part of Disney’s efforts to make teachings on “The Force” mandatory for all younglings schoolchildren, while all of us adults are at home praying to a hologram of Harrison Ford.

Before that dark future, we have Star Wars Battlefront II, which is hopefully going to be an improvement from 2015’s model. So far things aren’t looking too promising, as the map design for Naboo has been revealed by way of the aforementioned show, titled “Assault on Theed,” which will host 20v20 battles. Yes, I know Theed is the capital.

We’ll get more Battlefront II info going into E3 as early as this weekend.

Chris Carter
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