Weekly LBP DLC: A turkey helmet and Chimera costume

If you didn’t know, Thanksgiving is in a couple of days. That’s why this week’s downloadable content update for LittleBigPlanet is far more odd than usual. As a gift to their fans, Media Molecule has developed a slick-looking turkey helmet for your Sackboy. The content is completely free and available via the PlayStation Store this afternoon. We wonder if Sackboy enjoys the splendor of getting first-hand knowledge of turkey anatomy.

The second piece of content is slightly cooler, but will cost you some change. For $1.99, you could be the proud owner of a Resistance 2 Chimera costume. Like we mentioned last week when we caught a glimpse of the costume from a Japanese PSN ad, that helmet looks wicked awesome. It doesn’t have gloves, but it does come with a complete skin change. I read on the Internet somewhere that people enjoy their Sackboys being different colors. This costume will be available at some point this afternoon as well.

My only significant problem with LBP was that Sackboy couldn’t do anything with his teeth. Granted, there are a few striking mouthpieces, but I require more from loveable avatars. I like where Media Molecule is going with the Chimera helmet, but I really wish those fangs were transplanted to Sackboy’s mouth. Make that happen, Media Molecule.

[via PlayStation.Blog]

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