Weekend WTF: The realistic Sonic the Hedgehog

I am so happy this realistic take on videogame characters is really taking off. You’ve seen Mario, were intrigued by Bowser and got traumatized by Pikachu with nipples. Well now it’s time for another well known videogame mascot to get the realistic treatment.

This realistic take on Sonic the Hedgehog was done by Marcus Blättermann, the same artist who made the realistic Bowser. Check out Marcus’s site as he goes into the details on how he made this revision of Sonic and the process he went through trying to get Sonic to look as real as possible while trying to stay true to the classic character. Marcus even went ahead and made a realistic take of Sonic in classic 8-bit form.  

I have to wonder now, would Sonic have become as iconic as he has if he looked more like this revision as apposed to the blue fur ball we all know and love now? Either way, I still think the realistic Pikachu one is the best so far. What do you think?

[Via GoNintendo

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