Weekend Summer Sales: GameStop, GamersGate, & PSN

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August is still summer and thus the sale train continues. EA titles were understandably missing-in-action during Steam’s Summer Sale back in June – so if you want historic low prices on Titanfall Deluxe or SimCity Complete, they’re both on sale during GameStop’s PC Summer Sale for $4.99 and $7.50, respectively. The sale is running for a ludicrously long 5 week period, with new batch of stuff coming out every Monday.

Earlier this Thursday, Sweden-based GamersGate fired up their own sale with deals a plenty. Top pick for this weekend including Saints Row Franchise Pack for $11 and Dead Island GOTY for $5. Their sale is running until August 11th — a much more reasonable time frame.

Last among the Summer Sales can be found at the PlayStation Store. They’re offering a decent selection of titles, but beware that their headliner Far Cry 4 at $35.99 is actually quite a bit cheaper at Best Buy this weekend ($19.99). As per usual with a PlayStation sale, PS Plus members gets a better discount . Most prices are still kinda meh though.

Non-Summer Sale related goodies includes DualShock 4 + charging station combo at Best Buy for $60, plus PlayStation TV at an all time low of $30 (slowly getting closer to free heh). Also at a great price is Borderlands TPS + Season Pass combo for $14.61 (after checking out as AUD price, strangely enough). Finally, GameStop has Duke Nuke Forever for two bucks. Yep…

Edit: PS TV is out of stock at $30.

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