Weekend Scraps: Like Christmas Eve (09/19/08-09/21/08)


I’m so excited about Mega Man 9 releasing on WiiWare tomorrow that I’ve started formulating a Blue Bomber holy trinity in my head. It makes sense when you think about it (in a highly obsessive manner completely devoid of reason; insert snarky comparison to actual religions here). Dr. Light is the father, Mega Man is the son and Protoman the holy spirit. You know, because Protoman… yeah, I’m kinda stretching.

While you’re waiting for the most important download of the year to become available, perhaps some of these stories that we did not write about will help you pass the time. 

  • Tecmo and Koei will have figured out their merger plan within the next two months. I’m sure Sterling is looking forward to a little more jiggle in his Dynasty Warriors. [Gamasutra
  • Breakout clones for the iPhone have been targeted by Atari with some nasty, threatening letters. Time to move on to cloning Arkanoid? [Gizmodo]
  • Nexon CEO believes it’s unfair to blame poor console sales in Asia on piracy. According to him, developers simply aren’t catering to the market properly. [GamesIndustry]
  • America’s Army has partnered up with Project Lead the Way, a non-profit dedicated to introducing engineering programs to public schools, to use the game as a platform for educating high school students. Oh, and it might be a recruitment ploy. Maybe. [GamePolitics]
  • Due to the compression method used, Metallica’s Death Magnetic album actually sounds better in Guitar Hero III than on the CD. Is this where I use the “lipstick on a pig” analogy and get accused of sexism? [1Up]
  • Cell phone title Final Fantasy IV: The After might be crossing the Pacific. The question is, what platform would it appear on? [GoNintendo]
Conrad Zimmerman