Weekend PC download deals: Square Enix and Mount & Blade

Also on sale, Vikings! Not really, but when I read that GOG.com had branded its weekend sale as “The Nordic Charge” that’s what came to my mind. Basically, GOG.com has got 50% off Scandinavian-developed games such as Painkiller: Black Edition, Gothic 2 & 3, and Panzer Elite SE. Amazon still has the savings on the Battlefield franchise that Jordan mentioned earlier in the week which are well worth checking out.

Gamersgate has a variety of reductions on Square Enix titles, including 75% off Deus Ex Human Revolution (including its DLC add-ons), Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, and Just Cause 2. They’ve also knocked Assassin’s Creed Revelations down by 50% and there’s 30% off Mass Effect 3

Meanwhile, EA seems to be making finding deals through Origin even harder, so after some poking around I could only come up with a 50% reduction for FIFA 12. On Steam things are a little easier to find, thankfully; the Mount & Blade franchise is reduced by 75% (excluding the recent Napoleon DLC) and the tactical squad-based action of Jagged Alliance – Back In Action is reduced by 40% along with its DLC packs. As always, if you find a good deal online post it below. 


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