Weekend Hotness: Arousal


Sterling really had a banner day for images, didn’t he? If you haven’t listened to the second-ever Podcastle Live, you really should. Especially since it’ll explain why that photo of atheistium is so creamy.

Jonathan Holmes reviewed de Blob, Kojima might be working on an FPS, Brad Nicholson spent some time with LittleBigPlanet, old people are saving money on their car insurance by switching to Brain Age, and a whole lot more happened the weekend of 10/04/08.

Save children’s lives, destroy Jim Sterling’s voice:
Destructoid joins Extra Life, presents The SingSterling Challenge
Extra Life/SingSterling: Thanks for all the support so far!

Weekend Regulars:
Weekend Destructainment: A celebration of bad voice acting
The Podcastle episode 20: Podcastle LIVE II
Discountoid: The Frugal Boys of Boston, protecting bewbs and more bargains!
Games of the week for 10/05/08: Braindead is awesome edition
Alan Wake going through ‘fine-tuning,’ could be nearing completion?

Best of the Network this week

Hands-on: LittleBigPlanet beta

de Blob

Nintendo offering a brilliant solution to Wii storage woes, SD cards
Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga announced for the Wii
Shock: Nintendo wants more people to buy Nintendo products
Play Crysis Wars for free next week
TGS 2008: Marvelous promising sexy new title from mystery creator
Bungie bringing out a video renderer soon

Fable 2 Collector’s Edition gets even smaller [Update]
Kojima working on an FPS
Rock Band 2 glitch killing off band members?

Resident Evil 5 sexy gallery of sexiness

Hey old people, play games and get cheaper car insurance
Gamer Grub? What? Seriously?
Game hatin’ Keith Vaz sold more copies of Manhunt than Rockstar

Second official trailer for NBA 2K9, which you can now play in demo form!

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Cblog recap 10/5/08 + Randombullisms

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