Weekend Drunktoidtainment:
12-pack of drunken gaming videos

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In honor of the Drunk Tales! Ah-WoOo! thread that recently sprang up in our forums, and because I was sick all weekend and didn’t get a chance to get smashed one more time before finals, I dedicate this week’s Destructainment to video game-related booze vids. Feel free to add to the list by commenting other videos worth watching.Brewtendo – another prime example of what Dtoid is ALL about:When you get drunk and suddenly decide WOW cosplay using items around the house is a good idea, the last thing you want to happen is have your friend upload it to YouTube and have it wind up on a website 🙂Read on for a dozen more videos that deserve more time than your wife – including a man who gets a Gamecube controller cord shoved up his drunk ass after passing out!Getting Saint’s Row players drunk and high in the game:“Can you sing me the Swedish version of Gummy Bears?””No, because I iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, I, I can’t even stand straight up right now.”The first few minutes is ehhh, but jump to 5:00 minutes and hear him tell everyone on WOW how he shat his pants while drunk, and got arrested. “I can go to toilet to mor row may be”Hot gamer girls DO exist ( The one holding the camera, but the one in the film ain’t bad either 🙂 )”>Also, watch her and her friends torture her drunken passed out friend on Halo while he snores on Xbox Live. And yes she plays Halo, yes she goes to MLG events, yes her hubby plays Halo too, yes she’s hot, and yes she can hold her liquor.One more snoring Halo Xbox Live player – good ending:Best NFL video game play of all time? “My nip ples and pen is are e rect!”Joel, Joe, and Bacardi – “Steven no..no-Stev-no-Stev-Stev- no, Steven – no, Steven!”Any video that manages to work the words ‘Precambrian’ and ‘Fucko Smucko’ all into one Halo drunk slur before the match even starts is worth watching. He thinks he’s gonna be playing in level “Saindobar” but ends up getting the liberty of throwing grenades in Lockout at enemies that don’t exist while he murmers random drugs to himself…. What’s cooler than playing guitar to Sonic the Hedgehog’s Mushroom Hill zone? Getting drunk and doing it – what a goofy grin!Mario gets drunk – original video. Some good GIFs could come from the chorus of this video…And the one you’ve been waiting for… drunk man gets Gamecube controller cord shoved up his ass…. I’m sure you ‘had to be there….and be drunk,’ but cheers!!!!

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