Weekend Destructoid: I’ve got rainbows out of my arms

[Weekend Destructainment is a collection of funny videos brought together from all across the Internet to bring you entertainment on these slow and boring weekends.]

We see a lot of fan made tributes to videogames, but few are ever as good as this Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 film. And it was only made with just $209.42!

After the break, we have the trailer for The Other Guys. Then it’s Snake’s crazy codecs. Next up is an episode of the Street Fighter cartoon. Then it’s a BRAND NEW Halo: Reach trailer. Next, it’s the Bit.Trip Commander suit in real life. The Destructainment ends with Robot Unicorn Attack, the board game.

Trailer for The Other Guys. The videogame reference made me chuckle.

Snake’s crazy codecs. Blame Jonathan Holmes.

An episode of the Street Fighter cartoon. Part two over on ornatos’s C Blog

A brand new Halo: Reach trailer.

The Bit.Trip Commander suit of awesomeness. Thanks, Nick!

Robot Unicorn Attack: The Board Game. Thanks, Nick!


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