Weekend Destructainment: World domination

[Weekend Destructainment is a collection of funny videos brought together from all across the Internet to bring you entertainment on these slow and boring weekends.]

Guy spends three years creating the ultimate Sim City 3000 city with six million residents. This guy is a future evil genius bent on world domination in the making! Thanks, Darren!

After the break is a crazy crazy crazy girl. Then it’s another weird Smash Bros. spoof. Next is Achievements in real life. After that is the NSFW Super Smash TV vs Virtual Girl HD. Then Master Chief sings. Next, a baby loses her mind. Followed by more Engrish Final Fight. Then a cat loves the iPad. The Destructainment ends with a song about cosplay.

Crazy girl is a dick. It’s fake, but yeah. Eh.

Another weird Smash Bros. spoof. Blame Jonathan Holmes again.

Achievements in real life.

Super Smash TV vs Virtual Girl HD. Spotted on TinyCartridge. NSFW!

Master Chief sings. Damn I wish this was funny. Spotted on ToplessRobot.

Baby loses her mind whenever she sees a Xbox 360 controller. Spotted on Kotaku.

More Final Fight Engrish! Thanks, Matthew!

Cats love the iPad.

“Cosplay Girl” by Jowin. Surprisingly, the song is pretty good! Spotted on The Koalition.


Hamza Aziz