Weekend Destructainment: Welcome to the World of Workcraft

What if the world we lived in was exactly like World of Warcraft? What kind of videogames would we play? Obviously, there would be no WoW in this setting, but something would be needed to fill in the WoW void. In comes World of Workcraft, where Azeroth’s finest file reports and fight for the finest office supplies. First time a WoW Machinima has ever made me laugh. Spotted on SilverDragon1979’s blog.
Write it, cut it, paste it, save it, load it, check it, quick – rewrite it, Destructainment. The first video after the jump shows us just how great of a drinking game LOL can be. Next up, a man becomes the human Arkanoid. Then see what happens when Mario meets Duck Hunt. Next, the world of The Simpsons gets recreated in Quake III Arena. Then check out some horrible Sonic fanfiction … I think.
More Quake mods continue as Quake enters the world of A-ha’s “Take on Me”. Next up, Jimmy Kimmel continues to screw with Matt Damon by taking over The Bourne Conspiracy game. Random Robot Intermission is next with the real life WALL•E. The Destructainment ends with some Team Fortress 2 randomness.

LOL makes for the best drinking game ever created. As you can see, these four young whippersnappers have a jolly good old time playing LOL as they get their drink on.

The Japanese are a crafty bunch. Watch as this man becomes the human Arkanoid and devour colorful marshmallows. Spotted on Conrad Zimmerman’s C Blog

Mario meets Duck Hunt. Didn’t laugh until the end, I honestly wasn’t expecting it. Thanks, Blindside!

An exact replica of The Simpsons’ house and Springfield in Quake III Arena. Spotted on Kotaku, via BoingBoing — Thanks, Buck F1tches! 

Sonic fanficition … I … I couldn’t even watch this all the way through. Thanks, Geoff

Quake on Me (that sounds dirty). Quake set in the world of A-ha’s “Take on Me”.

The Jimmy Kimmel Show’s Guillermo is a secret character in The Bourne Conspiracy game. 

Random Robot Intermission: The real-life WALL•E.

A collection of Team Fortress 2 randomness. Spotted on insomnia’s C Blog.

Hamza Aziz