Weekend Destructainment: Wanna know what it’d look like if a Metroid and a Goomba had a baby?

The first video up today gives us a quick overview of the history of video games. Thank you internets for such a short video. Had it been longer than five minutes, I’m sure 90% of you would have stopped watching. 
Video number two is from the dailydrawing.com and the artist shows us what would happen if Mario and Metroid have a crazy and drunken adventure in Vegas. (Spotted on the Last Boss)
Jump on in to 14 videos which include wonderfully created ads for Unicef, a video montage of PS3 hoes, the last battle in Sonic 3, how to and how not to use the Wiimote, a clip of Adventure, a bullsh*t ad for the Eye Toy, WoW as birth control, Free Bird, and a video showing off the range of the Wiimote is about 400ft. 

Ad number one for the Unicef found created by Ubisoft and  staring some characters from Rayman Raving Rabbids. (Thanks for the tip off Faith!)

Ad 2 for the Unicef campian

Ad 3 for the Unicef campaion

The Playstation 3 hoes and eBay (Spotted on Double Viking)

The final battle in Sonic 3 from locking on the Sonic and Kuckles cart. (Spotted on The Dark Diamond Network)

How not to use the Wiimote

A quick clip of Adventure for the Atari…people actually liked this game?!

Who wants to bet that the Eye Toy for the PS3 won’t be anywhere near this awesome?

World of Warcraft, the perfect birth control

The longest song on Guitar Hero 2, Free Bird

How the Wiimote can be used as a weapon (Thanks Justin!)

Wiimote distance range is about 400ft 

Speaking of sex and babies involving Metroids, do Metroids have penises and vaginas? Like, is the vagina inside of their mouths? And if that’s true, than when Metroids are doing it, they’re also doing oral too …  
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