Weekend Destructainment: Ultra Combos

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Super Street Fighter IV Ultra Combos in real life. Really well done. Hope to see some more, especially with Juri finishers.

Next up you got some Super Spice Bros 64. Then it’s the “worst” Super Mario Bros. player ever. Followed by a real Buster Sword. Then it’s another Old Spic thing with the voice of Albert Wesker. Next up is some kinky Castlevania S&M. Then it’s Batman walking the dinosaur. The Destructainment ends with a funny Dead Space 2 glitch.

Super Spice Bros 64. Thanks, .tiff.

This is the worst Super Mario player ever. Watch with the notes to understand why this is the “worst.”

A real Buster Sword in real life.

Another Old Spice thing, I know. Sorry, but we never posted this one. The voice actor of Albert Wesker does an Old Spice-like commercial. Spotted on Capcom-Unity.

Castlevania S&M.

Batman walk the dinosaur.

Funny glitch from Dead Space 2. Thanks, Mike!

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