Weekend Destructainment: Twelve videos plus contest reminder

NinjTendo has returned! And he wants to remind you about my super awesome contest taking place in the forums!We now bring you back to the regular schedule program where you’ll see steam, Steve O, lions, Pokemon, a girls life on Xbox Live and more all after the jump.How to unlock Master Hand in the original N64 game…… actually, it’s just a mod for the PC version.A Game Boy Color powered by steam. Brain Age getting pwned. [Via KotakuBehind the scenes of a commercial the Wild Boyz made for the DS. Steve O almost gets eaten by a lion. I’m not joking, he almost freakin’ dies.The finished Wildboyz Nintendo DS commercialA banned episode of Pokemon. (This is the third part, the other 2 parts can be found on YouTube.)Is she having a seizure or playing an Eye Toy game?To quote the commenter “Alma from F.E.A.R. materializes to play video games?”Another insane Japanese person playing that drumming game with super- human skills. So many possible sexual jokes for this, too!My ladie’s life on XBox Live

Hamza Aziz