Weekend Destructainment: This is what gaming is all about

This first video was created by Thuyen and is the perfect example of why we all love video games so much:
I’ve made this 5-minute film that celebrates all that’s good
in video games. In other words, a love letter. The film is called “The Most Powerful Person in the World,” and has music by Lackluster. I hope you enjoy it.
It’s a very serene piece that is definitely worth your time.  
Weekend Destructainment is back to its original style after last weeks epicness. First video after the jump, an interpretive dance set to Metal Gear Solid. Then a video of Mr. Destructoid running through a field (and something about lizard peoples). Next, a new edition to Weekend D where I’m going to throw in a random robot video every week.  
Next, the folks at ScrewAttack blow up some old school consoles. Then, the E! True Hollywood Story of Luigi and his evil ways. Next, the original Super Mario Bro’s music and sound effects dubbed over with human voices. Then some hot Donkey Kong on Donkey Kong action. Finally, a video on rejected WiiPlay games such as Cii-section. 

Interpretive dance to Metal Gear Solid. There’s not much else to say.

Hey look, it’s Destructoid running through a field! Also, something about focus groups, lizard people and hopefully something more to do with video games in the next episodes. Thanks Kai and Justin!

Random Robot Intermission: Domoarigato Mr. Roboto! — Thanks goes to Detry for the video and the idea for Random Robot Intermission. 

Screw Attack blows up some old school consoles. The horror.  

The Luigi story. An E! True Hollywood Story style documentary on the Luigi and how he turned evil. Thanks Chris!

Super Mario Bros music and sound fx completely replaced with human voices. Disturbing, yet fascinating all at the same time! Thanks Matthew!

Donkey Kong on Donkey Kong action! Awesome glitch from DKC

Rejected WiiPlay games. Cii-section and Female pleasure were the best. Spotted on Loading.Ready.Run — Thanks Serpentish

Hamza Aziz