Weekend Destructainment: This is between life and videogames

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Weekend Destructainment is GO! After the break, watch a group of guys as they try to play together on Xbox Live. Then check out the augmented reality demo showing off the skeletons of the top 100 Spore creatures. Next, a laser cutter plays the Super Mario Bros. theme. Then check out the very accurate recreation of Resident Evil 5’s versus mode gameplay.

Next up, check out what happens when supers are used at the same time in Street Fighter IV. Random Robot Intermission is up next with cardboard robot suits. Then check out the latest jam by vertexguy. The Destructainment ends with a spoof of a song based on Halo

Group of guys play some Xbox Live.

Spore skeleton augmented reality demo. Full details on the Vimeo page. Thanks, .tiff!

Laser cutter plays the Super Mario Bros. theme. Spotted on OffWorld.

This is Resident Evil 5’s versus mode, basically.

Simultaneous supers in Street Fighter IV. Spotted on Capcom-Unity.

Random Robot Intermission: Cardboard robot suits. Spotted on Kid Static’s C Blog.

Bionic Jam by vertexguy. Spotted on Capcom-Unity.

“Halo, All I Play-Oh” Spotted on PaletteSwapNinja.

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