Weekend Destructainment: The Legend of Flute Link

This lovely young lady is known as Flute Link and she performed at the Masquerade at Otakon 2008. She does an extremely amazing job playing the flute set to The Legend of Zelda music. Spotted on VG Cats.

Have you noticed yet? Weekend Destructainment has been becoming more and more musically themed. After the jump, the Destructainment continues on with an interview with the new Lara Croft model. Next up, check out a couple of clips from Code Monkey’s featuring Roman from GTA IV. Then, it’s the Kirby theme done with Resident Evil sound effects. Next, it’s the fully functional Donkey Kong stage made out of LEGOs.

Then it’s Metal Thumb Solid 4. Followed by the Megaman 3 theme done Miku style. Next, check out what Pac-Man would look like as a horror movie. Then see the Scout’s new sex weapon. The Destructainment ends with a horrible ad for Super Mario RPG.

Interview with the new Lara Croft. Sadly, no tan lines this time. Thanks, BlindsideDork!

Clips from the new episode of Code Monkey’s feature Roman from GTA IV. This show finally made me laugh out loud. 

The Kirby theme remixed with Resident Evil 1 sound effects. Spotted on Kfizz’s C Blog.

A fully functional Donkey Kong stage made out of LEGOs. The fact that the barrels go back to the top makes this full of win.

Metal Thumb Solid 4. Eh. Spotted on Yojimbo’s C Blog.

The Megaman 3 theme done Miku style. Spotted on WilloughbyJackson’s C Blog.

Pac-Man the horror movie. Spotted on ReclusiveSpirit’s C Blog.

The Scout’s new weapon for Team Fortress 2! NSFW! Spotted on CannibalCalvin’s C Blog.

Horrible ad for one of the greatest games ever, Super Mario RPG.

Hamza Aziz