Weekend Destructainment: The Famicom Bikini

All three of my posts on this Saturday have involved tits.

After the break, watch as Mario tells us that drugs are bad and you’ll go to Hell if you do it. Then watch as a sheep play Pong. Next, it’s another Mega64 cosplayerz video. Then The Onion asks if videogames are preparing kids for The Apocalypse. After that, watch a video that you can blame Jonathan Holmes for.

Then it’s the Wii Fit girl promoting a Nintendo product with her pants on. Next up, check out some MadWorld bloopers. Then it’s Dr. Manhattan and his brand new game. Next, check out David Hayter from the old TV show called Major Dad. The Destructainment ends with the Famicom Bikini.

Mario lets us know that if you do drugs, you’ll go to HELL! Spotted on GamePolitics — Thanks NihonTiger90.

Pong as played by sheep.

Mega64: Cosplayerz Danze Fantaztic.

The Onion asks, are violent videogames preparing kids for The Apocalypse?

Blame Jonathan Holmes for this.

Wii Fit girl promotes EA’s Wii Fit ripoff.

Some MadWorld DeathWatch bloopers.

Dr. Manhattan gets his own videogame. Thanks, Redzie!

David Hayter was on a show called Major Dad back in 1993. Check out the full episode over on Hulu if you’re in America that is. Thanks, Blindside Dork!

The Famicom Bikini. Spotted on Kotaku and Hobbymedia.

Hamza Aziz